About Us

Seagate Connections has provided professional answering service to the Toledo Ohio area for over thirty years. With our decades-long record of offering businesses and professionals with continuous answering service coverage, we’ve expanded to cover all of Ohio, across the United States, and even around the world. Through all this, Toledo Ohio remains our operational base. It’s where all our answering service employees work and live. We’re committed to providing professional telephone answering service that can’t be beat to our city, state, and country—even worldwide.

Seagate Connections is a full-service telephone answering service. We work to smoothly handle the telephone communication needs of our clients, regardless of size, location, or need. We cover the one-person operation all the way up to the Fortune 100 company, and everything in between. Seagate Connections has the staff, experience, and expertise to meet your exacting needs and expectations with excellence.

As a 24/7 operation that never closes, Seagate Connections is available around-the-clock to handle your telephone communications and answering needs. This includes evenings, weekends, and holidays. Anytime of the day or night, throughout the year, we have you covered.

Over the years Seagate Connections has worked successfully with every industry and market niche, racking up many impressive wins. Our vast array of experience covers every industry, including property management, plumbing, HVAC, and more. We provide our clients with professional telephone customer service staff, backed by advanced technology. With this powerful one-two punch, we deliver outstanding outcomes to our clients in all industries.

To extend and expand our long-standing legacy of providing valued telephone answering service, in February 2019, Seagate Connections became part of the Call Center Sales Pro network, when they acquired our answering service operation. We’re now known as Seagate Connections, a Call Center Sales Pro Company. Under the Call Center Sales Pro umbrella, the long legacy established by Seagate Connections will continue and grow.

Call Center Sales Pro is a leading call center and answering service support company headed by long-time industry veteran Janet Livingston. Janet founded Call Center Sales Pro in 2014 and rapidly grew it into the industry-leading consultancy it is today. Among her many accomplishments, Janet is a growth expert who has landed two companies on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list on multiple occasions, as well as once on the Inc. 500 list. She looks forward to this exciting opportunity of working with Seagate Connections staff and clients to expand our operation and empower us to do even more.

Under the Call Center Sales Pro umbrella, Janet Livingston and her team of call center professionals will introduce new technology to support the customer service efforts of Seagate Connections staff to better assist our clients. In doing so, Janet’s goal is to build off the rich history of Seagate Connections and optimize our operations. This will empower staff to produce better outcomes for our clients and their callers.

In addition to owning and operating answering services and call centers in the United States and around the world, Call Center Sales Pro stands as a full-service call center consultancy, which provides an array of in-demand services to its clients. At Seagate Connections, they’ll tap their broad expertise to enhance our operations. With them we’ll advance to the next level.

Richard L. Hutcherson is the director of operations for Seagate Connections.