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Running a business is hard. Whether it’s large or small, new or established, there’s always some pressing need for you to handle. With ever-heightening expectations, you and your staff must accomplish more, do it faster, and do it for less. Your customers demand more, and they’re quick to leave if you disappoint them. And your potential customers are even less tolerant.
As a result, professional, effective communication is critical to your success.

Do You Answer When Opportunity Rings?

Each time someone calls you and your phone rings, it’s an opportunity. This could represent the potential to gain new business or the chance to keep business you’ve already earned. However, you risk squandering this opportunity if you make a bad impression in how you answer or handle that singular phone call.

That’s Why Effective Telephone Communication Is Critical

Every phone call has five key elements that successful communicators must follow, every time. Here they are:

1. Answer the Phone:

The first key is to answer when your telephone rings. Sadly, many businesses fail to make this a priority. The good news is, this is a priority at Seagate Connections. It’s what we do. It’s all that we do.

2. Be Intentional:

The second essential element is to answer fast. This doesn’t have to be on the first ring every time, but certainly don’t let a call ring more than five times. That’s thirty seconds. Can you do that? Seagate Connections can.

3. Focus on the Caller:

The third crucial requirement is to give each caller the courtesy of your full attention. For many people this is hard, because the ringing telephone just interrupted them from doing something else. Often this is something they think is more important than dealing with a customer over the phone. Each time we answer your phone for you, we’re prepared to fully engage with your caller. Our goal isn’t to end the call quickly, but to meet the needs or concerns of your caller. When it comes to engaging with callers, two words shine above all others: professional and personable. This is our focus.

4. Process Information:

The fourth key telephone communication essential revolves around the exchange of information. Most of the time our clients’ callers leave information, but other times they seek information.
When we collect information, we gather the details that allow your staff to act. Accuracy is essential. Have you ever tried to call a six-digit phone number? Or you weren’t sure who to ask for? These things happen too often when someone takes an incomplete message. We strive to take complete and accurate messages on every phone call.
Other times we can give your callers information. This meets their need and leaves them feeling satisfied that they accomplished their objective. That’s our goal.

5. End Well:

The final critical key is a proper close. Too many people just say goodbye and hang up when they think the call’s over. And a few people just hang up. Instead our professional telephone communicators strive to end calls in a positive way. They seek to leave the caller satisfied with the verbal transaction and happy with how our employee treated them. That’s our goal on every call.

The Seagate Connections Solution

We focus on these five key essentials to effective telephone communication on every call at Seagate Connections. We hire staff who enjoy helping people over the telephone. We seek employees with a customer service background and a can-do attitude. Then we provide additional training to help them be more personable and professional, to take accurate, complete information that you can depend on, and to make an overall favorable impression on your callers—every time.
Are we perfect? Of course not. No one is. But with every call, every day, we seek to get even better. We strive to make a great first impression on your callers each time they call. And we attempt to collect the information you need to serve your callers better.
The key takeaway in all this is don’t leave your phone calls to chance. Use a leading answering service to produce positive impressions on every call and generate the results you and your customers desire.
At Seagate Connections, we can produce these exceptional outcomes. At Seagate Connections, we’re ready to serve you.

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